AGROM International



Partyan Gostar Shyna Co. (PSG)

P.S.G. - Is a Iranian company that's represents AGROM in Iranian markets. They are responsible about all bussiness in beef, soybean, soybean meal, corn and all other products exported from AGROM Brazil to Iran.
Today our company it's in the best address in Tehran, at Unit 108 - Eastern Second Floor-no 1- Sepedar Building- Sepedar Street - Africa Street - Tehran - Iran.
Contact there:
Mohammad Fekry, Chairman +98 912 6382941,
Mr Basseri, Managing Director +98 912 570 4360

Phone Phone: +98 21 88196775
Fax Fax: +98 21 88196807



NASEEM FOOD Co. - Is a Libyan company that's represents AGROM in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia markets. They are responsible about all bussiness in beverages exported from AGROM Brazil to these countries.

Contact there:
Official Represnetative Mr. Nidal Mohamed Almajdoubi
Phone Phone: +218 91 216-0200 / +55 41 98835-3668
Fax Fax: +218 21 340-0383



BRASIL CITRUS - AGROM is the exclusivity representative of BRASIL CITRUS to Middle East, North Africa, USA and Asia.
A 100% National Company located in Tabatinga, São Paulo’s countryside, Brasil Citrus is an whole orange juicer processor, established in a tradicional farm. Tradition that also re acts in the family that is still in charge of the company. They are the third generation that dedicates their life to the harvest of citrus.
Brasil Citrus innovated when creating a production technique that balanced the taste of orange juice, adding value to the product, which now enters the market even fresher and more natural. As far as the quality of the whole orange juice is concerned, the company has been collaborating to increase the consumption of the beverage in Brazil, equipping it to the levels of great consuming countries in the world.



PREMIER FOODS - AGROM is the exclusivity representative of PREMIER FOODS to MENA and Asia, you can contact us directly at
Located in Fernandópolis, 550 km from São Paulo, Premier Foods has extensive experience on processing meat, with a slaughtering capacity of 12,000 animals per month. The technology of our plant, associated with our collaborators' expertise, results in a differential into the market, providing high quality standard and food' sanity to whom consumes it. Focusing on food safety and satisfaction of our customers and employees, makes us seek and apply the most strict control programs, together with the Federal Inspection Service (S.I.F.), which supervises and acts strongly in our establishment.



SULFRIGO ALIMENTOA LTDA - is a company created from a qualified team with great experience working in a slaughterhouse. Our potential comes from the experience of companies with great market performance such as ALIBEM, the extinct AVIPAL, and the small, but with a lot of product quality, SULPORK.
We started the operation of this company with the conviction that we bring the best in the market, satisfying all the parameters needed for premium product.
Create satisfaction in a sustainable way through food production, respecting the needs of customers, contributing to the development of the community.
Until 2020, be recognized as a leading company in quality and profitability.
Competitive price



FRIGORIFICO VERDI - Verdi is one of the biggest slaughterhouse in Santa Catarina. They are ANGUS and CHAROLES certified and produce a high quality beef in Brazil. We was the first company to export him beef to the world and we keep sending high quality beef from Verdi to the world.



FRIGOESTRELA S.A. - Frigorifico Estrela d'Oeste Ltda., was created in 1979, in the city of Americana, as warehouse of meat and derivatives. In 1985, it had begun its activities in Estrela d'Oeste city, State of Sao Paulo, and until today, it is one of the biggest and well-equipped slaughterhouses in Brazil. Developed through high technology and created to freeze, to storage and commercialize the completely bovine meat with or without bone, as well as offals and byproducts, at national and international markets. Attending to the most rigorous international patterns, Frigoestrela accomplishes humanitarian slaughter methods and fulfills several requirements of cultural or religious rituals, always according to each market exigency.
Efficient installations and ultimate generation equipments enable the slaughter of 130 bovine per hour, under the most rigorous patterns of quality and hygiene.
The bovine offals preparing and packaging are done at modern equipped halls, assuring the leadership at national and international market, due to their high quality products level. Attentive to the specifications determined by the national and international customers for the preparing of chilled and frozen bovine cuts, Frigoestrela conquers, day by day, eminent position in the market. Frigoestrela is strategically located next to bovine producing areas, with high quality bovine originated from Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and even Sao Paulo state.
Frigoestrela has the biggest processed products industry installed in the State of Sao Paulo. The exportation is approximately 70% of the production of bovine and 30% of the pork meat production.



NICOLINI - The relationship of the Nicolini family with poultry farming began in 1968, with the company created by the Nicolini and Carrer families, by the founders Mr. Ivo Nicolini and Mr. Agostinho Carrer. At that time, the poultry business was undergoing expansion, with poultry gaining space in the Brazilian diet, especially in the South of Brazil, which led to even greater demand and opportunities in this industry.
Initially, the company focused on raising and selling live chickens in the Serra Gaucha region, later expanding to Santana do Livramento and Porto Alegre. With a growing market, the companies began to invest in the poultry business, increasing the number of poultry farms, bringing more family members into the business and associating with other poultry raising companies that began to appear, especially in Garibaldi.
In 1972, the entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to slaughter chickens to meet the strong demand of the market in Santana do Livramento, on the border with Uruguay, and supply important regions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This was the Nicolini's first poultry slaughterhouse; soon after, in response to the growing market, it joined another slaughterhouse in Porto Alegre. In 1979, the companies decided to build a larger meat packing plant. This led to the Frigorifico Nicolini Ltda, a traditional enterprise in the Serra Gaucha region of Rio Grande do Sul. Besides being a large business that provides jobs to many, it is a source of pride for all, as it represents the strength of family business and of overcoming obstacles.
During the following decades, the company invested in technology and quality, and was given a registration at the SIF - Federal Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture. Beginning last March, the company began to supply poultry throughout Brazil, and received accreditation to export to other countries. With its own egg production, its hens are raised under the highest standards of quality and with total monitoring by veterinarians. Today, the company has two industrial plants located in the cities of Garibaldi and Nova Araca, both in the Serra Gaucha mountains.
With the consolidation of the local and national markets, Nicolini is busy laying out new objectives for the coming years: the strengthening of the Nicolini brand on the Brazilian and international markets. To achieve this, the company is increasing its product mix and opening branches to directly serve the retail market, as well as signing important strategic partnerships to consolidate the brand name on international markets. The pork and processed pork and poultry segments are also receiving special attention, offering a wider variety of tasty, natural foods to the public.



MARFRIG GROUP - The Marfrig Group operates in Brazil, in different regions, and abroad, under the premise of placing products with the quality of the Marfrig brand and others associated with it at the disposal of the greatest number of people. Throughout its history, and in its particular manner of carrying out its Mission, the Marfrig Group operates to meet the requirements of its customers, wherever they may be, respecting the culture and the customs of each people.



MINERVAFOODS - One of the leading producers and sellers of beef, leather, live cattle exports and cattle byproducts in South America, Minerva Foods is among Brazil's three largest exporters, selling its products to some 100 countries, as well as processing beef, pork and poultry products.
Minerva Foods' history pictures its consistent, sustainable growth over the years. The Company's growth is intertwined with the history of cattle raising in Brazil - the Vilela de Queiroz family was an active participant in the development of the sector in the country, being recognized for excellence in raising and transporting cattle.
Minerva Foods currently has daily slaughter capacity of over 11,500 head of cattle and beef deboning capacity of 2,240 tons. The Company is present in the states of Sao Paulo, Tocantins, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias, Rondonia, Santa Catarina, Espirito Santo, Para and in the Federal District, as well as in Paraguay and Uruguay, operating ten slaughter and deboning plants and eight distribution centers that serve nearly 1,000 Brazilian cities and more than 25,000 points of sale.
Minerva Foods currently holds a privileged position in the international market, thanks to the following factors: modern units certified for export, meeting the quality standards of the most demanding markets; an extensive portfolio of products; the capability to customize its products; and the prestige and recognition of the Minerva Foods brand. These factors are proof of our philosophy: to always guarantee the quality of the products that are appreciated the world over.



SEARA - One of Brazil's largest meat processors, Seara Alimentos produces frozen, refrigerated, pre-cooked, and processed chicken and pork for the worldwide retail and wholesale food and foodservice markets. Its products include whole chickens, chicken cuts, sausage, pork smoked ham, cold cuts, salami, hot dogs, and frozen entrees. Founded in 1956, the company also operates a port terminal that has refrigerated-meat warehousing capacity. Sold it to the large Brazilian beef processor, JBS, in 2013.